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Important Note: The reason behind Connect Exchange that we can find so many people enter Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space without prior knowledge and fall into scam incidents thats why we help people to understand the following concept, Wallet, Decentralized Exchange, Mining, Mining Pools, Hardware Wallets, Exchange Platforms.
Before you buy didn't have a Wallet Yet or don't know how to create and different types follow this guid

You need to know as well that you will communicate Public Wallet address with others, but you have to treat Private Key as Highly Confidential and Secure.

Important Terminologies about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:

When you want to be authorized to enter Blockchain Space you have to create wallet where you will have Public and Private Keys to access wallet noting that each Blockchain has it's own Wallet Access, also you have to treat Private Key very confidentially.
t is the Financial Application of Blockchain where Digital Currency is stored into Blockchain into a small pieces depend on number of decimals for one Cryptocurrency and it stored with Address where you could access it using Private Key.
Coin is a standalone Blockchain network like Bitcoin, ETH while Token is a smart contract was executed on Public Blockchain, where Utility Token is the one when startup wanted to have investor with no shares, but Security Token is a kind of Stock Market Share.
Is the operation when a Computer Device, ASIC or FPGA will enter the Blockchain and be part of their Pair to Pair network.
Where a set of Machines wants to Connect to Blockchain Network and Share Profit of mining together.
is the rate to calculate Processor Power in Hashrate, then the income with today price and the Operation and Electricity Cost for the same day, difference is the profit.
Whatever the type of Cryptocurrency you have you have to have it's Wallet Type.
here you have your coin and token on Exchange and make a future order based on prediction while we totally recommend to enter that space when you have Stock Market Exchange knowledge only as it's almost the same concept.
Software Wallet like Atomic Wallet where it's also Decentralized which means Company doesn't have your Private Key stored in their DB while Centralized Wallet like Coinbase or Coinmama will have it stored in their DB which is Risky, their also Paper Wallet where you have your Private Key Stored on a Piece of Paper using QR Code, Hardware Wallet or Cold Wallet where you have your Private Key Stored on Flash Drive.
Each and every blockchain will have it's own Blockchain Explorer where you will explore each and every transaction was done on Blockchain like for ETH Blockchain and for Bitcoin where you could search with Public Address to know all transaction and balance for that Public Address.

Recommended Local Exchange with your Local Currency:

Note: if you want to Sell Cryptocurrency and Receive Local Currency into your local Bank use the following:

Wants to Sell your Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or Others with exchange to your Local Currency EGP, USD, Euro etc..
Local Bitcoin:

Recommended Hardware Wallets:
Note: if you have a large amount of cryptocurrencies and want to save in Hardware Wallet for long term use:
Recommended Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways:

Note: If you have a website/eCommerce and want to receive Payment from customers with Cryptocurrency

Recommended Cloud Mining Platforms:

Note: If you need to do Mining or being part of Blockchain Network use one of the following to Buy Hashrates without need for Hardware they will setup and operate hardware for you

Recommended Crypto Tax settlement companies:

You may use Promo Code for additional discounts: CRYPTOTAX10
Note: This is for people live in Countries that require Tax settlement for Cryptocurrency Transaction Ex: USA and Europe

Recommended Crypto Trading Platforms:

Note: This is if you want to Trade Cryptocurrency and Follow the Market trends


eToro Trading Platforms

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet and Also exchange

Recommended Mining Pools:

Note: This is if you want to Trade Mine Cryptocurrencies through your Hardware and Connect with others to Share Profit

Recommended Listing and news sites:

Note: This is if you want to Trade Get updated about latest news in Blockchain and Crypto Market

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