ConnectDApp COC Blockchain will avail users to start mining using their Mobile Phones for ConnectDApp Core Coin "COC" with a proof of stack of COD token as below,
- Basic Mining Power is 1000 COD
- Advanced Mining Power is 10000 COD
- Super Mining Power is 50000 COD
- VIP mining power is 200,000 COD
Connect Crypto will be an umbrella to a set of Services related to Cryptocurrency
- COC Coin Mining
- Connect Wallet
- Connect Blockchain Explorer
- Crypto Market Cap
- Connect Exchange
- Connect Mining Pools
Connect Exchange, will be a Crypto-Fiat Exchange platoform that avail exchanging from Cryptocurrency to another or Fiat Directly
Connect University will be on the of services available on Connect DApp main that avail University administrators to hold an account where to invites students to join their space and avail the following services,
- Student Profile - Student exam results - E-Learning and Follow up section
Connect Trainer, will avail Trainers to Freelance Training activities and start receiving fees using Cryptocurrency
Connect Teachers, will be Teachers to start offering their Private Classes and accepting their fees using Cryptocurrency
Connect Schools, will avail School administrators to register their space and inviting their students, their parents to enjoy the following services on their space,
- Updates
- Students Profiles
- E-Learning and Follow up
Connect Me, will be available as Communication Channel to combine set of services related to one Group,
- Set Reminders
- Send Private Message/Group Messages
- Send Notifications
Connect Kinder Garden, will avail KG admins to register their space and accept fees with Cryptocurrency including normal services by KG,
- Registration
- Communication and follow up
Connect Insurance, will avail Insurance Companies to offer their services and Start accepting Insurance Policies using Cryptocurrency
Connect Government, Will avail Government Services that could be paid online to be paid with Cryptocurrnecy
Connect Auto, will avail users to connect their Vehicles on Blockchain to get Car History and also Connecting Mobile App to Car through UDP2 Port to get Computer Updates and Normal Checks
Connect Donations, will avail general charity organisation to register their space and start accepting donations using Cryptocurrency
Connect Company, will avail companies to register their space and offer their service in B2B Model and avail Cryptocurrency settlement
Connect Blockchain Explorer will avail Blockchain explorer view for most of current available Crypto Currencies where to ease customer to check on their different cryptocurrency Balance, Transactions from one place, this will Include COC Blockchain, Bitcoin Blockchain, Etheruem Blockchain, etc..

Connect Wallet will be holding several Cryptocurrency in Decentralised Concept which means custody free where Private Keys will be stored on Application not over cloud
Connect ERP is an ERP Solution which is currently live that avail integrated ERP Solution with Private, Hybrid Blockchain based on Business Requirement
Demo available,
Connect Traveller, will be sub service also under ConnectDApp Main that avail Traveller for specific area to stay connected with the visiting places and get one of the following services,
- Places to visit
- Book a Tickets using Cryptocurrency
- Find useful informations
Connect Technician, Will avail Technicians to offer their services and start doing tasks and receiving their fees using Cryptocurrency
Connect Taxes, will avail Tax Payers to Pay their Taxes using Cryptocurrency
"Note: Will only be available on Countries that avail their Online Payment Channels for Tax Payers"
Connect Real-estate will be several services related to real-estate starting by Selling, Finding Locations and Government Registration Services,
Note: Government Registration Official Service will only be available on the Countries that avail Notary and realestate registration over Blockchain.
Connect magazine, will avail Magazine Publishers to register their space on Platform and issue their periodic Magazine and accept fees using Cryptocurrecy
Connect Investors, will be a space to Connect Investors whom would like to invest on new ideas using Cryptocurrency
Connect Home Services, will avail Home Maids and Different Home services to offer their services and get paid in Cryptocurrency
Connect Healthcare, to avail a set of services related to Healthcare including one patient profile over Blockchain and fees could be paid with Cryptocurrency
Connect Buyer/Seller, will avail General Seller "Used/New" to offer their products and receive Payment using Cryptocurrency.
Connect Franchise, will avail brands to open their space for general requirement of a new franchise and accept their fees using Cryptocurrency
Connect Freelancers, to register their space and start offering their service with accept payment in Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Utilization

All of the services will be over Public Blockchain as we need to get use of this amazing technology

Single Profile

One Blockchain Single Profile per user will avail digital signature identity available for all Services

Digitise Wallet

Blockchain Digital Wallet will get you access to most of services from one place in less effort, time

Globalize yourself

Blockchain will give you a certified trusted space to Global World
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