About Us

We Are a Team of IT entrepreneur Professionals for more than 15 Years in industry whom believe in SAP, Blockchain Technology as an effective solutions for most of current applied Software System Technologies, Value of Blockchain concepts will increase adaptability, security, reliability and privacy.
Blockchain Technology will increase user knowledge about difference between normal application and systems that he/she used to have for long time and what Blockchain concept could enhance his expectation and knowledge.
Our Team believe in increasing knowledge based on academic accreditation, so that most of the team enrolled in MSc Program of Blockchain from University of Necosia that was offering the 1st Blockchain degree all over the world.
Architecture Team Managed by a Team member who has a PhD in IoT and Applied Science and working hard on having a strong architecture that supports ConnectDApp objective.

Sample of Our Values:
• Manage internal and external resources
• Improve productivity and efficiency
• Increase revenues
• Addressing errors DEFINITIVELY
• Optimal use of resources
• Run business with just one business application .
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