SAP AS-IS Process Documentation Engineers


SAP AS-IS Process Documentation Engineer:
By Experience we found that it's a crucial and critical Role in the Implementation Process to have a SAP Non Process Oriented experienced Documentation Engineer.

That's why we avail the highly calibers in that area that we are truly sure it's a vital member of Successful Implementation specially when it's so important to find out how the current process look like before we go with Implementation Process starting by Blue-Print.

SAP AS-IS Process Documentation Engineer is the one who has the following Job Responsibilities.

- Work on Team Harmony
- Define Current Process
- Work effectively and Closely with different customer departments.
- Document and Develop Business Requirement Document
- Work with Team in Delivering a satisfying Business need Document and conduct a successful mapping
- Work with Project Manager to define possible process enhancement
- Discuss the new enhancement with the Customer Departments in order to ensure alignment before Configuration Team Start with Blue-Print
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