SAP Basis

SAP Basis
SAP Basis Consultant provides technical support and leadership on SAP Basis systems including establishing standards and requirements, evaluating and directing enhancements, and implementing solutions for performance monitoring, and systems configuration, design and implementation.

What is SAP Basis?
SAP Basis is the SAP version of system administration. SAP Basis administrators are responsible for making sure that the SAP application server and applications are installed and configured properly; they also maintain the whole landscape and its smooth operation. SAP Basis is the technical foundation that enables all SAP applications to function smoothly. It consists of programs and tools that support the interactions of multiple systems and the portability of SAP applications across systems and databases.

SAP Basis refers to the administration of SAP system that includes activities like installation and configuration, load balancing, and performance of SAP applications running on Java stack and SAP ABAP. This includes the maintenance of different services related to database, operating system, application and web servers in SAP system landscape and stopping and starting the system.

The key responsibilities of SAP Basis Administrator include
System installation and Configuration
Load balancing on servers
Performance management of different components
Managing interfaces and integration with servers
Managing servers and different services
With the help of SAP Basis, different SAP modules like Finance Accounting, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution, SAP EWM and other modules can integrate and communicate with each other.

SAP Basis supports the installation and configuration of SAP applications on different operating systems like Windows, Unix, AS/400, etc. and different databases like SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 for back end database.

SAP Basis Consultant Responsible for the Following Modules and Categories,
Solution Specialist
- Upgrading the SAP version of system landscape
- SAP Data backup archive
- Migration of Operating system and Database
- Installation of AP/Add On

Interface Analyst
- Configuration and set up of interface between different modules

System Administrator
- Monitoring the performance of SAP system and modules
- Maintaining SAP system health and performing health checkup

SAP Database Administrator
- Backup and restoring the database of SAP system
- Managing database objects

Transport and Batch Job Administrator
- Managing batch job scheduling and replication
- Managing SAP Control access in system landscape

DDIC Manager
- Managing changes to Data Dictionary

SAP Architect
- Designing work and data flow in the SAP system
- Managing SAP sizing

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