Vision & Mission

Blockchain, Keep it Easy Attract more users Our initiative are aiming to develop a complete solution for an eco system that host the usage and life cycle of a cryptocurrency from time issuance, hold, Exchange and then spend on real products and services, till we reach the day that Cryptocurrency owners could use it for grocery shopping level, we hope with that solution the inflation rate that could impact Crypto user will be reduced from time to time.

From a Team of experts on all areas, We are working very hard to build a Complete solution based on Decentralised Mobile App Technology that Complete the Cryptocurrency full Cycle in one place under the condition of Custody Free meaning that we are not going to hold any user credentials not private key starting by Mining, Holding, Exchanging till having real value of Crypto Currency of Products and services whether those products and services will be served by ConnectDApp or Partnership based.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrnency.

Complete Eco System that is easy to user in one place.

Customer challenges:
Finding a real product and service value of a hold Cryptocurrency. In time value of Cryptocurrency compared to market needs. Real time access to your funds. Variety of Services that could be paid for Cryptocurrency.

Company differentiator:
All Services related to Crypto Currency in one place using your mobile securly. Decentralised Application on Blockchain Technology. Unique Team of expertise on different area.

Product differentiators:
Custody free that increase privacy and security. Ownership of device is required to spend funds, only device owner has access to his fund. COC Blockchain is enhanced with user identity that enhance level of security of ownership.

Brand essence:
Stay connected with every needs in one place.

ConnectDApp Will be served under one Application Platform Andriod/IOs/ etc...and then user will navigate between products, Was it one of your dream to have one Mobile Platform that facilitate all kind of daily usage of Mobile Apps including enhanced security and privacy, was it also needed to be part of Cryptocurrency and being able to Mine using your mobile device and also ability to use mined balance for products and service payment, was it part of your dream to send your need suggestion that you wish to find it one day and have a solid team working on it.
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